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Miley Cyrus: guest role on “Two and a Half Men”?

Miley Cyrus Two and a Half MenIs Miley Cyrus (20) soon her comeback series? Supposedly she was a guest role on “Two and a Half Men” get hold of!

According to information from a U.S. site, its character will be new in town and directly Jake Harper data.
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Miley Cyrus: Accident in cooking!

Miley-CyrusGreat concern for Miley Cyrus (19)! The singer went on Monday against the Los Angeles hospital to seek treatment because of a violation of section. What had happened?

All wild half, Miley has just tried to cook and to be learned. When snipping at her home in Toluca Lake, she has cut with a knife in her fingers.
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Miley Cyrus: New cuts on my arms?

Miley-CyrusHow bad is the mental state of Miley Cyrus (19) ? Scratches or are they really the last pictures of her was only gephotoshoppt of the tabloids?

Now, new images have surfaced of the singer the show after its passage to the Pilates classes. Range Zooms shows that are recognized by their arm still wounds. One of them ( link ) even looks pretty fresh.
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Miley Cyrus drugged, his father too disappointed!

miley-cyrusMiley Cyrus has been filmed taking drugs. The singer smokes a bong and bursts of laughter. Seeing the pictures, his father, did not smile. He apologized on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus shocked the world with a video where she is seen inhaling salvia from a bong, a plant highly hallucinogenic.
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Miley Cyrus on the Nacktskandal: “Paris Hilton is an idiot!”

Yesterday, Paris Hilton whole world shocked by the alleged images of naked Miley Cyrus posted. For although clearly was that the image can be created only by Photo shop, everyone was shocked.

Now, even Miley Cyrus wishes to speak! She gave the radio host Ryan Secretest interviewed over the phone and says what she believes about the matter.
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Miley Cyrus launches a preview of “Ordinary Girl”

One of the new songs by Miley Cyrus has a preview and can now be found everywhere on the web. Under the title “Ordinary Girl” was not filmed for his next album “Can not Be Tamed”, but it serves as one of the songs on the soundtrack for the fourth season of “Hannah Montana.”
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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth they have actually separated?

miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth they have actually separated? Have Cyrus and Miley Liam Hemsworth separately? Allegedly, the two have quarreled violently. The reason is that Miley is jealous of Liam’s acting career. How “ reported,” said one insider: “The two quarreled violently.
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Miley Cyrus is based in Mexico

Miley Cyrus decided to take a break from your busy schedule and chose the beaches of Mexico.

Along with his father enjoying the sun sand and water of the Caribbean, Miley walked in his polka-dot bikini and showed his crows women.
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Miley Cyrus goes to Celebrity Fitness!

miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus may not always behaves like an adult but will have an Adult act like one else.

Only recently has increased Miley from her hard-earned money is a snazzy 3 million villa which they will relate with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.
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Miley Cyrus apologizes to her fans and gives an interview

miley cyrus
The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjalla has already let many people to despair. And unfortunately he makes no exceptions for celebrities. This had now Miley Cyrus notice.
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