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Taylor Alison Swift was born in Wyomissin, Pennsylvania, United States on December 13, 1989, is a singer-songwriter of country music …

She started to like the music when she was only six years, At 9 had decided she was going to be a singer. From this time began bringing demos to record companies. When I was ten, Swift began performing in his hometown, singing at karaoke contests, festivals, fairs and also began writing her own songs. Her first exposure to the music business consisted of recording demos in a studio.
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Taylor Swift in a bikini in the Bahamas

It’s not every day to see Taylor Swift , and when it happens, we must take advantage. A few hours ago the photo you see has made its appearance online. The trip back to four months, when the blonde singer was vacationing in the Bahamas. It was an eventful year for the end of Taylor blossomed love with Jake Gyllenhaal to break with the same in early 2011. But the young pop-star (21 years old in December) can breathe easy before him have so much love and much success to enjoy. Read more →

Taylor Swift wants to Gwyneth Paltrow as a sister

taylor-swift1Well, here’s one more reason to love the adorable Taylor Swift.

It had been previously reported that the new girlfriend of actor Jake Gyllenhaal was feted with a dinner at the house (no less than) Gwyneth Paltrow, rumor that was said a few days after some of the guests at the party.
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Taylor Swift live at the BBC Teen Awards 2010!

Tonight was the London BBC Radio 1′s Teen Awards 2010 awarded in several international stars and spectacle were not engehen which – including Country schnuckelchen Taylor Swift !

She performed live on stage before thousands of fans their hits “Love Story”, “Speak Now” and “Mine” and it was very good mood.
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Taylor Swift brings out her own perfume

U.S. singer Taylor Swift will now bring their own perfume on the market. The fragrance, be able to buy the next year is to “Love Story” hot.

U.S. country star Taylor Swift wants to develop her own perfume. This makes it to her famous colleagues such as Beyonce, Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne. who put for several years already very successful new fragrances on the market.
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Taylor Swift is top favorite at the American Country Music Awards!

Watch out, this is now a mega-post about Taylor Swift , it’s just happened so much that I MUST put everything in your review.

First: Taylor Swift is the big favorite in the first American Country Music Awards! No fewer than three times the nominated Schnuckelchen there – for Best Album, Artist of the Year and the best tour. Would have laughed if there clearing up nothing.

The American Country Music Awards (in short: ACA’s) different from the other major country music awards in that here no jury selects the winners but the fans!
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Taylor Swift coming to Cologne to Beat Your Host!

Taylor Swift fans! Taylor is yet to come to Germany in October! The plan “is an appearance in the TV show” Schlag den Raab this is recorded in Cologne.

Until now no other performances are planned in Germany. so it looks from all over as if the German fans will be watching again in the cold.
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Taylor Swift dazzle on the red carpet of the Hall of Fame Awards

The red carpet was deployed outside the Marriott Hotel in New York to welcome celebrities who attended the awards to composers of the Hall of Fame on June 17. Taylor Swift looked beautiful in her blue-gray suit.
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Taylor Swift in his marathon meeting with fans

No doubt that Taylor Swift loves her fans, as the country singer in Nashville spent Sunday greeting and thanking their fans for a total of 14 hours.

Taylor Swift had set a goal to meet as many fans as he could in the Bridgestone Arena in the heart of CMA Music Festival for 13 hours, although it appears that exceeded that goal.
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Taylor Swift is schizophrenic

taylor_swiftThe 20-year-old singer Taylor Swift sees her own life and no longer feels as if it were part of a great movie. Not infrequently, they confused the balancing act between the life as a popular singer and a normal twenty-somethings.
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