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Megan Fox is laughing at baby rumors

Is she pregnant or not? In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” will Megan Fox (25) does not betray it. Rather they can from their publicist from the fray.
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Justin Bieber: New Song for Mama Patti

Justin Bieber Mom PattieWhat better for a boy! For Mother’s Day, on 13 May is celebrated is Justin Bieber (18) is a very special gift for his mom Patti Mallette.
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Nicole Richie feels comfortable in her body

Nicole-RichieJust a few years ago, Nicole Richie (30) totally emaciated and it was really afraid that she might fly away in a gust of wind.

But now it feels really good in their body, although it has a few more pounds on the hips, as she tells the magazine Glamour.
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