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Dawson Leary Tweets A Video of Dawn Summers Rapping to Nicki Minaj

James Van Der Beek tweeted a video yesterday of Michelle Trachtenberg rapping along to Nicki Minaj in Shakin’ It 4 Daddy. This pleases me like no other. You know I have a crazy Nicki Minaj obsession, and the fact that an actress I like enjoys the Harajuku Barbie just as much as me is awesome.
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Sneak Peek at the New Episode of Glee

Where are my Gleeks? Oh there you are! Entertainment Tonight has a new sneak peek at the Madonna episode of Glee and it looks immaculate. The clip includes a Glee version of Express Yourself, a look at Jonathan Groff leading Vocal Adrenaline, and tons of Sue Sylvester being her outrageous self. Now, the bad news. Glee isn’t coming back for another two months.
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New Music Video: Paramore “The Only Exception”

The Only Exception is my favorite song off of Paramore’s new album Brand New Eyes, so I’m really excited that the band chose it as their third single.
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Christina Hendrick Looking Gorgeous on the Cover of New York Magazine


Christina Hendricks is going on on Fierce Ginger list. She looks fantastic!

Robert Pattinson Fears Vagina

Robert Pattinson is on the March 2010 issue of Details Magazine. This issue also marks the 10th anniversary of Details.
details pattinson cover
When I read the ridiculous things Robert Pattinson says, I wonder if he’s just take the piss out of everyone, or if he’s really just naive about the things he says, and to be honest I can’t decide if I prefer the former or the latter. In the new issue of Details, Robert Pattinson poses for some extremely steamy pictures (check out the gallery below) featuring several naked women paying him attention. In the interview Robert had some interesting things to say about the photo shoot.
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PRECIOUS! For Your Life: Dog Spazzes Out Over Soldier’s Return

Where I go to school there’s this debate amongst our Psych Professors about whether animals think and have emotions. My one professors says that in the world of Psychology, animals do not have emotions and thoughts because you can’t prove it with empirical evidence.
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Just An Excuse to Write About the Fiercest Chick in the Game: Nicki Minaj Talks Valentine’s Day

MTV Shows

Its the day after Valentine’s Day, or as I like to refer to it as Failentine’s Day. Regardless, I’m posting this video of Nicki Minaj giving tips about Valentine’s Day. I am fascinated by Miss. Minaj!