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CHRISTMAS! For Your Life

To those that are celebrating, Merry Christmas! To everyone else, I hope you enjoy whatever you’re doing today. If you’re going to the movies go see Up in the Air, Avatar, Precious, or Its Complicated. Jurry is still out on Nine. I haven’t seen it yet.

Kevin Jonas: You’re Not Doing It Right!

kevin jonas
Oh oh oh, Kevin Jonas! You make it to easy. This past weekend the eldest Jonas brother, Kevin got married. In a recent press conference in New York, Kevin told reporters that after years of abstinence, “”to be honest about it, sex was not worth the wait.”He continued, “After we did it, I was kind of like, that’s it?” And according to Kevin his bride felt the same way.
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B2K Got Raped! CRAZY!

WHAT THE HELL? When did B2K become incestuous homo erotic FREAKS! Yes thats right. I don’t know who is who because I didn’t like B2K when they were together, but allegedly, B2K managers and heads of TUG management, Chris Stokes and Marques Houston forced members of B2K to have orgies with friends, management, agents, and each other. RANDOM and FREAKY! Below are videos of Raz B, member of B2K and his brother Ricky Romance confessing about the abuse they received.

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QUOTE! For Your Life: Amanda Blank


“I think it’s important for girls to feel that it’s okay to be open and as explicit as they feel they need to be, and not feel like they need to live up to any man’s Madonna/whore standards of what a woman should be. When guys say they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed OK, that’s cool. But you know what? Then you’re not man enough for me because any man who’s gonna date me has to know I’m gonna be me all the f—ing time.”
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Brittany Murphy Died of Natural Causes: Coroner

The circumstances of Brittany Murphy’s death involved no indications of foul play or trauma, and the 32-year-old apparently died of natural causes the LA county coroner’s office tells CNN. Complete postmortem test results could take as long as 8 weeks but an autopsy will take place as soon as tomorrow, Radar reports. Husband Simon Monjack did not want an autopsy but the decision isn’t his, TMZ reports.
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More Reasons To Sterilize Billy Ray Cyrus

noah cyrus scandal

The whorification of little girls needs to stop!

How to I begin to explain this video? Okay first, the inappropriate little girl in the video is Miley Cyrus’ little sister Noah. She is singing the misogynistic song, Smack That by Eminem and Akon. She is also slapping herself like a mini-Paris Hilton.
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Supergirl Is Tall Slender and Blonde AKA Taylor Swift

taylor swift supergirl

taylor swift supergirl

Put this on this on your list of unlikely things to happen. Taylor Swift, the bestselling musical artist of 2009 is being courted by Hollywood producer to star as Super girl.

The movie would be a reboot of the 1984 box office flop. Taylor is not new to acting. She’ll be making her debut in the new Garry Marshall romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day next year.
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BLOG! Update: King Lear Is Ruining My Life


I think it’s really fucked up that finals are two weeks before Christmas. I am supposed to be listening to I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas while baking gingerbread cookie but instead I’m writing papers on the parallels between King Lear and The Book of Revelation and studying for my Counseling Therories final. It SUCKS! For Your Life.
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