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Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano In Vancouver

I give up! My cynicism is defeated. I am not going to force the Nikki Reed Kristen Stewart lesbian rumor anymore. I am not gonna for the Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart rumors anymore. I got it. She really is dating Michael Angarano. He’s not her beard. This is so boring now!
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Because There Can Never Be Enough Nikki Reed

In case Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart weren’t doing enough together, K-11 and all the Twilight series, Nikki just revealed that they are going to be in an upcoming documentary together. It is going to be called “The Glorification of Celebrities” and is being filmed right now by Nikki’s brother who attends UCLA.
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Ed Westwick Lost Weight

westwick beardLast month I posted pictures of Ed Westwick on vacation in Miami without his shirt. It was not a pretty picture. Eddie had obviously packed on some weight. I then posted a story earlier this month about how Gossip Girl producers were concerned over Ed’s pudgy physique. That thread still gets comments.
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The Daily Robert Pattinson: Entertainment Tonight New Moon Special


TMS 4/22/09 “Psycho Killer” by The Talking Heads

I don’t need to explain myself. Who are you? Who am I? I raise the bets and call the shots, that’s who I am? Just watch the video.

Look! Look! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are Still Together


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were partaking in excessive amounts of PDA at last night’s Lakers game. Me thinks it was an attempt to make it known that the pair are still a couple. Rumors were spreading this past weekend that their relationship was dunzo.
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Nikki Reed is Back in LA

Nikki I love you, but really this clothing sharing with Kristen has got to stop, because I can’t even write those glasses off as being coincidental. I mean I have heard of urge to merge, but Kristen just started to rock those hideous glasses, you could have given her a little time before you decided to buy yourself a pair.
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Just Snaps: Star Trek Premiere

Lindsay Lohan on Ellen

Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to have her first sit-down interview since her nasty breakup with Samantha Ronson, Star has learned.

The troubled actress is going to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 23 in what will be her first televised interview since Sam broke up with her and changed the locks on her front door, where Lindsay had been living.
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Zac Efron GQ Magazine Outtakes

These pictures are outtakes from Zac Efron’s photo shoot with GQ. He’s on next months cover.