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The Saturdays:They Got Issues

AHHH! It’s the new video from the Saturdays for their song Issues. While Issues is not my favorite song on the album (Work is my favorite), I still love it and love them. They need to come to the states NOW!

I Love GAP Commercials

You know I don’t country, but I do love love love The Dixie Chicks. If you’ve see Shut Up And Sing you know Natalie is the shit, and shes married to Adrian Pasdar of Heroes.

David Beckham: Good Person

david beckham
This is why David Beckham is a good person, I why I am a horrible one. David and Vicky were being stalked by the paps as usual when one lost control of his bike and crashed. David being the good person that he is helped him up and made sure he was okay. See if that were me I would have whipped out my cell phone, taken pictures, posted them somewhere, and would still be laughing about the situation over 2 hours later.

Black On Black On Black On Gay

Justin and Miley were out and about today dressed in all black. That’s dumb. That’s really dumb. No seriously you guys I hate many things, and black on black is one of them. I hate black on black crime, black on black fashion, and black on black cats.

New Britney Spears: “Kill the Lights”

Yes, at first I shrugged at Britney Spears’ newish jam “Womanizer” — that is until it dug itself deep inside my brain and forced me to put it in my iTunes on near constant repeat. And now, the newly reconstituted Brit has done it again with this new song just leaked on the internets from her upcoming Circus CD entitled “Kill the Lights.” Perhaps at first blush it sounds contrived, but one can certainly dance to it, and that one part of the chorus where she yells, “I KEEEEEELED the lights!” has already burrowed itself knee-deep in my cerebellum.