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Lova Ya Bitch: Taylor Jacobson

A Taylor Jacobson Interview, I know what could be better, she answers some of the pressing questions we all have about her life, such as where she gets her hair done. Oh and fyi this interview is actually kind of boring, but if you want more of the Taylor bitchyness that we all know and love you should check out the blog Bravo runs weekly, she is ridic.
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Christmas Fever!

This is bad y’all! REALLY BAD! I thought I was gonna make to at least November 1st but I’m being tempted. What’s tempting me? iTunes! Those bastards opened up the Holiday category of the store and now I looking at new music. It always starts with the music.
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Chavs Come Face Me With Somethin

Love it love it love it! Robyn makes me wanna dance crazy.

You Got The Swagga of a Champion

Look at our girl making such a huge effort. These are behind the scenes pics from Britney’s new video for her single “Womanizer.” Don’t forget! The video premieres on 20/20 this Friday.
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